Manhattan Cricket Club


226 West 79th St

This club is inspired by colonial gentlemen’s clubs that were prominent throughout the British Empire at the turn of the 20th century.

The Club pays homage to the clubs in the British Empire which served as places where proper gentlemen could enjoy a civilized conversation over a perfect cocktail or the finest spirit.

The Manhattan Cricket Club makes you feel like you’ve stepped back into another era or at least into a private upscale apartment circa the 1900s.

The rooms are adorned with comfortable soft couches, small tables for couples are tucked in the corners, and the walls are draped in dark fabric and lined with bookshelves. Old photos hanging on the walls contribute to the feel of a private apartment while the main hallway (with its exquisite selection of beverages in locked transparent cabinets) reminds us that the place is a gentlemen’s club.

Should you desire to become a member of the club, you’d be a part of a select group of people allowed to make reservations. The rest of us can attend on a walk-in basis and hope to be admitted. Members also have the privilege of keeping personal bottles in a private liquor locker, while everyone else can admire the lockers while passing through the mirrored hallway.


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