The Ship


158 Lafayette St

A tasteful and civilized place for a perfect cocktail, quiet conversation, and a friendly attitude.

The Ship is a semi-hidden bar designed, in keeping with its name, as a ship. The bar is located behind a nondescript door on a plain block on the border of Soho and Little Italy. As you enter, you make your way through a long, narrow hallway, descend the stairs, and find yourself in a surprisingly airy, spacious, nautically-inspired space.

Cervantes Ramirez, a celebrated New York bartender and one of the bar’s owners, says that the drinks are ‘simple, classic, and tasty.’ The menu is kept intentionally small so that choosing a drink wouldn’t be a demanding task. It goes without saying that one can order any cocktail off the menu or, better yet, go with the bartender’s choice.

No matter how good a cocktail is, according to Cervantes Ramirez, this is not the most important thing in a bar. What’s forgotten by most trendy places is that the drinks should be served and enjoyed in a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

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